>You are a shadow of memories where I just isolate myself for a few minutes to capture those moments where I wish I could have a remote to pause and replay those special events where I would love to repeat.<


*Why can’t I enjoy you the way everyone else does?

*Why can’t I have a special moment or lovely memories where I can use it as an escape route?

*Why can’t I use you like a train of no return to the sadness, to the dark, and cold room where every time I enter I have you right beside me waiting for to burst into tears and scream so loud that no one notice or hear my cry, but there you are my endless friend named Loneliness.
Written by: La Chica Mala
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3 Responses to Loneliness

  1. Weichen says:

    a good article

  2. 小西 says:


  3. Carlos says:

    hey q increible esta te juro q me identifico mucho con el enserio me llego esta increible felicitaciones!!

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